SIBPC Lunch and Learn

How can a SIBPC Lunch and Learn Help Your Office?

Seth I. Ben-Ezra, P.C. and team is one of New York’s top real estate attorneys, and he’s been working with realtors, lenders, buyers, and sellers for more than 20 years.

He understands that on all sides of the transaction there can be complexities, especially in the New York market.

Each closing is unique, and this fact can present unique issues that lead to roadblocks in getting the closing to the table. Navigating such complexities is what Seth I. Ben-Ezra, P.C. and his team do best.

Seth I. Ben-Ezra, P.C. Lunch and Learns are built to pass on this wealth of knowledge on to you and your team. Seth I. Ben-Ezra, P.C. and team has built each of the SIBPC Lunch and Learn sessions to meet specific needs that he has seen in different sections of the Real Estate process.

Let us visit with you and your teams for an informative and fun session!

For a complete list of the topics we cover, download your free copy today. Or simply contact our office and one of our friendly, professional staff will get your session scheduled today.