Seth I. Ben-Ezra and Team, New York Real Estate Law Experts

The law office of Seth I. Ben-Ezra, P.C. and team has been dedicated to the practice of Real Estate Law in New York for 25 years.

Our team promise is to provide the knowledge, expertise and desire to deliver “Service Beyond All Reasonable Expectation” to our clients and the professionals that work with them. We acknowledge and emphasize the teamwork required to serve our client’s needs.

We will always answer phone calls with a friendly voice and never let your call go to voicemail. We will review and prepare contracts within 24 hours. Our goal is to be as accessible and informative as possible. We understand that 9-5 hours Monday -Friday is not always convenient for all so we make ourselves available when you need us.

We use the latest technology so information is available to be accessed anywhere or at any time. So, whether by phone, cell, email, text or video conference you find us ready willing and able to help.